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We’re a group of hands-on marketing misfits challenging the typical idea of direct response marketing. We invest our own money in our clients because we’re that confident in the strategies our employees implement. Through our obsession with all things tech, we drive for actionable results in all that we do. Whether we’re geeking out over analytics or brainstorming strategy, we always have fun in putting our clients first. Through the power of teamwork and caffeine, we collaborate on projects across departments in order to deliver work that we are proud of. You’ll be part of a real team that respects and supports each other, and you’ll know your team has your back.

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What We Offer


Yearly Bonus

The entire team shares in our success.

Medical Insurance

We take care of our employees by paying 100% of their premiums.

Tech Accessories

Stay highly connected with a company-provided iPhone.

“I joined MA to work with the number one DR marketing company in the Twin Cities and know that my ideas and contributions would be valued and make a difference.”
- Sarah Andreadakis, Account Director

Our Culture

Last year our team consumed 72,772 cups of coffee. Why? We need all the rocket fuel we can handle to bring our larger-than-life ideas to fruition. At Marketing Architects, you can expect to learn something new everyday, work outside of your job description, collaborate with others, receive endless feedback, and see the results of your ideas. Every day is a crazy adventure in the world of direct response marketing, and we’re here to make and break the rules as we see fit.

Marketing Architects Jobs

Don’t see a position that’s a fit for your experience and talents? No worries. We’re always on the lookout for new talent. And who knows … you might just be the addition we never knew we always wanted.

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