Job Description

Are you a senior leader in the direct response world looking for a bigger opportunity to challenge your talents? Are you ready to pioneer solutions for connecting mass media advertising to final consumer purchase through sophisticated conversion funnel technology? Can you build conversion platforms using advanced chatbot, telephony and landing page technologies to drive multi-million-dollar conversion funnel improvements? Are your sales skills and behavioral psychology instincts ready to mesh with big data, machine learning, and AI in ways never before applied to the digital space? Then we have an opportunity you should consider. 


Company Overview

As the worlds of brand advertising and direct response collide, there’s never been a more exciting time to join Marketing Architects. With a 20-year history rooted in responsive advertising, we’re well ahead of the pack, but why stop there? Our agency continues to evolve as we stay committed to shaping the future of advertising.

Our three platforms (Creative, Media & Conversion) integrate seamlessly with a single goal in mind: deliver bottom-line results for top-shelf brands through audio and video marketing. If you’re up for the challenge of your career, let’s talk. But remember, every employee is expected to bring big ideas while checking their egos at the door. This keeps us moving in the right direction and having fun getting there.


Role Overview

  • Assemble a team of creative, analytical, and customer-facing people to deliver our current telephony, chat, and web platforms to improve client business results. 
  • Work with existing and new clients to research, construct and implement solutions that convert respondents from our radio and TV campaigns into customers.
  • Leverage over $50 million in existing technology investment by transforming current platforms to work smarter and faster and drive more business value for clients.
  • Build external partnerships to enhance our platforms, including big data sources, new analytical tools, and emerging technologies.  
  • Co-develop new solutions with our internal technology team that span all forms of marketing response, including calls, texts, search, chat, and social media. 
  • Deliver industry thought leadership in partnership with our sales and account teams that provides value to prospective and current clients.
  • Continue to develop our conversion technology stack to provide value to internal solutions teams and external client partners.


Technical Expertise

The ideal candidate will have demonstrated experience within a number of key areas below: 

  • Customer Journey Analytics: Experience with marketing funnels and the tactics/tools available for the navigation from brand exposure to conversion.
  • Call Center Sales Experience: Tacit knowledge of how to sell in a call center environment that's transferrable to dialogue design in web, IVR and chat experiences.
  • Online Marketing Channels: Knowledge of the high-level factors that drive the successful utilization of online channels.
  • People-Based Marketing: Familiar with the data and tracking technologies that are moving the digital marketing ecosystem to identity-based, individualized marketing.
  • Application and Data Development: Working understanding of APIs, SDKs, wire-framing and other application development steps, integrations, and functions.
  • Marketing Technology Landscape: Current knowledge of the marketing technology supplier landscape, including major categories and leading providers.
  • Data Sciences Background: Experience working with 1st and 3rd party sources and the relevant marketplaces and vendors intersecting both.



  • Strategic Vision: Ability to see the big picture, weigh alternatives and make bold decisions that set new directions, rather than operating only within the status quo.
  • Passion for Innovation: Creative destruction, rapid change and innovation acceleration are rallying cries that excite you.
  • Operational Excellence: Substantial history delivering repeatable solutions that drive reliable outputs through technology utilization and savvy operating methods.
  • C-Level Communication: Fill a room with personality and lead high energy meetings. Effectively align diverse groups and navigate tough conversations with calm and class. 
  • Curated Network: A strong industry standing and many professional relationships to both guide decisions and source expertise and solutions.
  • Leader of People: Strong team orientation and ability to lead and inspire, while attracting and retaining top talent.

Please send a cover letter to help us understand how your background will translate to the role for which we are looking to hire.